How to become super star a YouTuber? Here are 14 steps to get started smart

Many experts expected video content to be bigger, better and more important than before, and they weren’t wrong! Indeed, YouTube is no longer a normal social networking platform, but has become the second most popular search engine in the world, which has prompted thousands of people to leave the TV and stay in front of phone screens to browse and devour the visual content on YouTube, and this has allowed many young people the opportunity to start a different business style and make money by creating and produce visual content on their personal YouTube channels.

And it has become usual, to hear those stories about a young man or woman who quit their jobs and then devote themselves to producing visual content as content makers / YouTubers on YouTube, and if you like them want to start your journey as a YouTuber, this article is for you

But before you begin, so make the most of the article. You have to forget everything you read in the many articles scattered on the Arab web about how to become a YouTuber because most of them may be useless and written by amateurs or carry impractical or relevant advice.


1. Accurately define your audience and content type

Start launching your channel with a clear and specific audience in mind , because this will help you very much to address it to achieve the results you aspire to, in addition to that, it will help you determine the form and topics of the content that you will share with them.

2. Set up your channel professionally

It might be great to create an intro video for your channel to entice the first visitors to the channel to subscribe, write a nice summary about yourself in the information tab of the channel, add links to your blog or your social media , and put an expressive picture of the channel and a nice cover .

3. Show your enthusiasm and belief in the above

If you think that sharing information for the sake of sharing can make you an influential YouTuber, you are making a big mistake! The truth is that people like to see that you are the biggest believer in your content, so don’t skimp on showing your enthusiasm and that you are the biggest fan of what you are talking about.


4. Create high quality content

Users today are faced with endless choices of channels that provide them with high-value content, and they, in turn, expect to find in any channel they are likely to subscribe to, and for this reason, keep well the quality pillars that others expect from you, which is clear sound , good image and very good lighting.  And professional editing .

Fortunately, today there are hundreds of video applications that can help you produce your content professionally, because videos, as we mentioned, have become more popular than before.

5. Passion then Passion

Producing visual content is not an easy matter, so it is important to be passionate about what you share with others as producing one video takes an average of more than 6 hours , as indicated by 67 percent of YouTube influencers in a Grapevine survey.

6. Choose addresses that make others find you easily

Have you started producing your own unique content? Well, do not forget to choose great titles and others can search for them, always think about what others will write in the search box, which will enhance the appearance of your videos more and more, and it may be good to make sure to provide the keyword that the video revolves around in the first 45 characters of the title as well as from It is important to add an excellent description that matches the content of the video.

7. Use whatever is available to your advantage

Why not create thumbnails for each video ? The effect of that is like a movie poster, so to speak, and accordingly you decide to watch the movie first? Make it stimulating and call out “Watch me..Watch me now.” Great videos with boring thumbnails won’t make others watch them let alone subscribe to the channel, also why not create multiple playlists in your channel like this one  that can help users spend more time on your mask.



8. Post regularly and whenever your audience is there

Use Youtube Analytics to see when your audience is most active and publish your content during these times, then tell in your videos that you will commit to publishing your content at this hour every week, for example! Be sure to respect their time and be disciplined in posting your content regularly, this discipline will help you support your path towards making a great impact.

9. Adopt quality, not quantity

Theoretically, the more high-quality content you produce and publish, the greater your opportunity to reach and grow your channel, but this may not be available to you in the beginning, especially, so be interested in producing high-quality content every Saturday or every Saturday and Tuesday is better than the idea of ​​producing daily quality content low.

10. Keep track of your industry trends and areas of interest

Trends or the most popular topics provide a great opportunity for you to produce content that others are looking for and thus enhance your chances of appearing to them and subscribing to your channel, but this requires you to quickly produce relevant content and also be careful not to be drawn into topics that are not useful and not related to your areas of interest

11. Interact with other YouTubers

You must be watching videos that are similar and close to your field of interest, why not add your rich comments on it? People are more likely to read it, like your comments, and then click on your name, which gives them the opportunity to reach and subscribe to your channel!


12. Be better day by day 

You can’t be a YouTuber in any field unless you are an expert in it, so you have to develop yourself and your knowledge every day , maybe that requires you to get a number of training courses? Or read a book monthly? Or see the practices of experts and competitors in your areas of interest. It is important that you provide content that you are an expert in, and if your followers notice the thinness of what you have presented, they will be alienated from your channel in turn!


13. Build an interactive language with your audience 

Always make sure that you make your audience feel that they are your partner in your journey, so it might be great to ask them   like what do they like to see in the next video? Or what do they think of this or that video? Ask them about their nominations for you? Their opinions on a topic or issue? Ultimately this will help you produce plenty of content that is relevant to your audience.

14. Look for opportunities to share your videos outside of YouTube

Building external links for videos is very useful in enhancing their visibility in search engines, so why not share them on your social media accounts? Why not look for opportunities to share your video on popular question sites like Quora? Look for the questions that some of your videos may answer and share them nicely, of course put your link in the right and useful place for others so that it is not considered spam.

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